Watches are one of the most popular products for illegal counterfeit or replica production. To prevent sales of counterfeit watches we have invented a legality confirmation system. All our wristwatches produced from November 19, 2012 and up to February 08, 2017 have a sticker with a special number attached to the instruction manual sheet.

With the help of that number you can check your watches authenticity. You enter the watches number into the apprpriate field, in the next window you'll see your model name, model number and serial number of your watch. This information should fully match the data on your watch back cover and instruction manual sheet - then you can then be rest assured that you're the owner of the fully legal product.

In case the system reports that the number is wrong, please check to be sure that you've entered all the digits correctly. If you've entered all the digits as they should be, but nevertheless the system reports that the number is wrong, this may be an indication that your watch is counterfeit or a replica of the official product. In that case we kindly ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible by email or by phone.