Wear more than a watch: No-Watch Traveler
When it comes to accessories for men, watches are probably some of the most important. So why settle in wearing an anonymous watch? It’s not an encouragement to spend a small fortune of a very expensive watch, but a piece of advice about wearing out of the ordinary watches. Perhaps one with a more discreet meaning, understood only by you, which will attract the eyes of the people around you will do just fine.

The No-Watch “Traveler” CL1-1111 may do the trick as it is more than just a simple watch. Besides showing you the correct time of the day, it also shows you the times zones of all the rest of the globe, plus the IATA airport codes. Whether you are a pilot, or just fascinated by intriguing watches, this watch will fit you. In case you travel by plane a lot, it will turn out to be more useful than you may think.

Each time you are traveling around the world with your work, you will know the time zone, so you won’t call your girlfriend or wife in the middle of the night, just because you wanted to hear her voice. It is one interesting piece of accessory, so in case you are taking a beautiful lady out to dinner, most certainly she will be intrigued by your device. You can even feel like Indiana Jones, knowing every moment of the day what is happening in the rest of the world. And all these by still enjoying a classic and high-quality appearance of the watch.

The band is made out of Italian black leather, allowing you to match the watch with almost any outfit. The case back and the cover is made out of stainless steel, also being able to withstand water up to 5 atmospheres, making it suitable even for the adventurous type, so you can look like a gentleman even if you are on top of a mountain.
Technical data:
24-hour GMT watch
Limited Edition, only 787 pcs. is made
Stainless Steel 316L case
Stainless steel back cover with engraved serial number
Case size 44x52x9.5mm / 1.73×2.05×0.37in
Scratch-proof sapphire glass
Swiss quartz Ronda 515.24H movement
Battery type SR920SW (Renata 371)
5 ATM (150 feet) water resistant
22mm black leather band (premium Italian leather)
Max. wrist size 225mm
Weight 73gm / 2.57oz
Retail price is US$250 (VAT incl.) or US$205 (Tax-Free store)
More information can be found on official No-Watch website: http://www.no-watch.co.uk
Visit official No-Watch webstore: http://www.no-watch.com and use exclusive 6% discount coupon code “9UC2MBTU4UV3”.