“No-Watch” – Strange, oversized and unusual watches from United Kingdom.
It may not be the first time we heard about watch brands with ridiculous and unusual names. There is no limit of
man’s ideas, and recently we have found a watch brand named "No-Watch", which produces strange and unusual

Lanswood company from UK has released the range of rather unusual watches under their "No-Watch" brand. The
name two meanings - "Not actually watches" or "Limited number of watches". Each of the five models comes in a
limited edition of 500 - 750 pieces.
They come in big and unusual 50mm watch case made of steel. Three "No-Watch" models are watches going
backwards (opposite to the regular hour hand direction), they're so called "anti-watches". These models have few
other unusual features as well.
The dial of “Zman Avar” model features no regular numbers - Hebrew letters are used instead. This way of time
indication is traditional for Jewish watches since the times of backwards tower watches located in Josefov - the
ancient Jewish quarter in Prague (Czech). Hebrew language is being read from right to left, so these watches'
hour hand moves in the same direction. Also there is a legend that says that in that way the watches show how
much time is left until the end of the world - the advent of Moses.

The "Hijrah" model dial features the traditional Hindu-Arabic numbers that are used in Arab countries. "Tawaf" word
from the mechanism name means a ritual round in the opposite to the regular hour hand way direction around
Kaaba that Muslims perform during the Hajj.

The "Backward" model has a regular numbers, but time display is being made a bit more complicated by 15-30-45
segments in between each five minutes range. Each segmentation like these stands for 1 1/4 minute duration.

The dial of "24 Hours" watch is being divided onto 24 parts instead of regular 12. These watches hour hand makes
a full round within 24 hours instead of regular 12. That way of time indication is being known under "Military time"
name in North and South America, UK and Australia. The only complexity of these watches' time indication is that
there is only an hour hand in use.

"One-Armed" model is based on the ancient watches which were precise enough to have just one hand - the hour
In 1675 Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens invented rotating balancer, and together with spring usage instead of
weight this started an era of compact and portable mechanical chronometers. Since that moment the winding
pendulum completely replaced the regular one in the hand watches. Hand watches precision improved significantly,
especially with horizontal anchor escapement introduction, so the need to add one more hand (the minute one)
The timepieces from "No-Watch" are powered with Japanese Miyota & Swiss Ronda quartz movements. Despite
the circulation is limited, the price of these watches is very reasonable - 160-170 UK pounds (US$ 250-265)
with free worldwide delivery. The whole range of watches is available at the official "No-Watch" website.
Visit official No-Watch webstore: http://www.no-watch.com and use exclusive 6% discount coupon code “9UC2MBTU4UV3”.